A team of researchers in three UK universities

Geoffrey Jefferson Brain Research Centre at the University of Manchester

We want to discover and develop new treatments and implement optimal care pathways that provide better outcomes and transform the lives of patients living with neurological diseases. We do this through a multidisciplinary approach, involving all healthcare professionals across the translational pathway to ensure all aspects of healthcare benefit are considered within our research agenda.

The Centre is a partnership between the Manchester Centre for Clinical Neurosciences (part of Northern Care Alliance NHS Foundation Trust), The University of Manchester and the Manchester Academic Health Science Centre

Neuroscience Research at the University of Cambridge

Cambridge has a long and proud tradition of transforming the way we think about the world. Its strength lies in its ability to bring together the best minds from every field of knowledge and help them work together in the service of society.

Cambridge Neuroscience is critical in bringing together the wide range of disciplines that we need to understand the brain. As an Interdisciplinary Research Centre, it links principal investigators from over 60 different departments and institutes across the University. Connecting biologists with computer scientists, psychiatrists, social scientists, epidemiologists and neurologists has led to life-changing discoveries. Cambridge Neuroscience is a vibrant, active and highly collaborative research community.

UK Dementia Research Institute at University College London

UK DRI at UCL was selected as the hub of the UK Dementia Research Institute in 2016 because of our strength to bring together excellent clinical and basic neuroscience research to advance understanding of neurodegeneration and identify novel targets and therapeutic approaches for dementia.

Our mission is to play a central and collaborative role in the UK DRI’s efforts to discover and deliver effective therapies. Our mission involves forging effective cross-disciplinary teams and approaches to understand pathogenic mechanisms; developing innovative therapeutic approaches; and providing a translational arm to the UK DRI to harness clinical resources, test and deliver treatments to patients.

Chief Investigator

Dr. Laura Parkes at the University of Manchester is a physicist specialising in Neuroimaging. She leads the team of researchers from the University of Manchester, the University of Cambridge, and University Colelge London.

Dr. Laura Parkes

Principal Investigators

Dr. Ross Dunne will lead recruitment in Manchester and Prof. John O'Brien will lead the study in Cambridge. Dr. Karl Herholz is our scientific advisor on neuroimaging and disease prediction. Prof. Zetterberg is a world-leading expert on blood biomarkers for Alzheimer Disease. Dr. Oli Sparasci is completing a PhD at the University of Manchester using data from the study.

Dr. Oli Sparasci

About our funders

The All-In-One Study is funded by the Alzheimer's Society.